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Parc Naturel Régional Normandie-Maine

The countryside around Le Fay (department of Sarthe and the bordering department of Orne) has long been known as peaceful and tolerant. Tradition has it that these qualities were passed on from the earlier Gaulic gods and holy hermits. Nature plays a special role in this area and is widely respected by all. Here you can discover the peace that is part of living outdoors.

Le Perche

This region, where horses (Percherons) have been bred for centuries, is a magnificent, hilly green area with splendid estates and attractive places such as Mortagne au Perche and Bellème. In Belleme, there is also an attractive 18-holes golf course: www.golfdebelleme.com.


Le Fay is situated within the city triangle formed by Mamers (4 km), Alençon (20 km) and Le Mans (50 km) in Pays de la Loire. www.enpaysdelaloire.com

Mamers is a lively historical town with shops, restaurants, a swimming pool, a cinema and a theatre.

There is also a recreation area where you can play midget golf or tennis, use the paddle boats, or go fishing or horseback riding. www.tourisme-mamers-saosnois.com 

Just 20 km away is the city of Alençon, famous for its lace and its beautiful monumental buildings. www.paysdalencontourisme.com

Le Mans is a large university city with a lovely old mediaeval section that has often been used as a setting for films, such as ‘Cyrano de Bergerac’ and ‘The man with the iron mask’. Le Mans is also very well-known because of car racing, especially the 24-hour Le Mans race.

Especially for horse lovers:

The national stud farm (Haras) ‘Le Pin’, the ‘Versailles for horses’, has been one of the most famous stud farms in the world since it was founded in the 18th century. The historic stables and the castle are situated on a 1000-ha estate and have room for about 50 stallions from 10 different races that are used as studs on the farm. There are guided tours of ‘Le Pin’ that take you to visit the stud farm, the castle and the museum. And on Thursdays (from June to September), you can enjoy the impressive stallion presentations. Distance: about 60 km. www.haras-nationaux.fr

Outdoor activities:

Alpes Mancelles www.ot-alpes-mancelles.com

For walking, mountain biking, climbing, canoeing, horseback riding, tennis, swimming, fishing.

Distance: about 30 km